Innovative Inspection Technology

Our flagship technology is the use of Voice Recognition software to perform our footpath and road corridor asset inspections.

This gives the ability for one inspector to drive the normal speed of traffic and record all visible faults across multiple assets with voice commands. All data can be entered and manipulated completely hands free.

Safety- No need to stop on busy roads to enter data.

Efficiency- Significantly faster than manual data entry with a touch screen tablet.

Accuracy- All location information is automatically recorded via GPS.
Vigilant Footpath Inspection System

The strength of the Vigilant footpath inspection system is its ability to record, position and prioritise every individual fault from minor crack to major failure.

With our custom developed moped we can legally operate on the footpath, allowing a consistent single operator to inspect large networks. 
We can deliver a data set that allows immediate identification of urgent individual faults for a maintenance program. Our data also provides an objective overall condition rating of each footpath section for Asset Managers. This grading is based on the length and severity of faults as a proportion of the section's overall length.

Data is RAMM compatible- faults can be loaded as dispatches and the footpath rating table updated. 

Please view a brief video of the Vigilant system in the field here .

For a set of sample data please contact us
Road Maintenance Contract Inspections

If your Road Maintenance Contract requires regular inspections of the network, Onsite Developments can provide a comprehensive service to add value to your contract.
  • Proactive inspections will identify issues before the councillor or ratepayer complains.
  • Useful inspection data provided by an independent and objective third party gives justification to your Forward Works Program.
  • We can perform inspections much more safely, cost effectively and efficiently than other systems, freeing up your in house resource to use our data and develop a FWP.

Video Surveys
If your Resource Consent requires the road surface adjacent to your project to be maintained in "as good or better condition", an objective condition survey is invaluable as a baseline measure.
We can provide a full record of every individual fault on the road surface. This is provided in MS Excel and Google Earth formats as well as a High Definition video record.